Brila Info: Fix The Server's Security Certificate is Not Yet Valid! In Google Chrome

Fix The Server's Security Certificate is Not Yet Valid! In Google Chrome

Have you ever tried to access a website with Google Chrome browser and it brought an error massage like "The server's security certificate is not yet valid!" This is to show you how secured is Google Chrome.

The error massage is the main reason why I don't put more interest in Google Chrome browser because I thought is something that have to do with downloading some special software not until I read through the cause of the problem, if you should read the whole massage you will discovered that your current system Date or Time (or both) is not valid.

Solution: Reset your System Date and Time

  • Right-click on time in your computer task manager then click Adjust System Date/Time   
  • Set the Date and Time to the current date and time
  • Click OK to save settings 
  • Exit Google Chrome and open again— now you can visit any website and you will never see the error massage again; its a promise :)
If this did not work for you, drop a comment bellow and if it works help to share the massage to thousands of computer user who may be experiencing same problem (The server's security certificate is not yet valid problem)


  1. Thank you, it's great

    I didn't know with this problem it's solved now thanks to you

    Thank you again

  2. So easy and I was panicking! Thank you!

  3. Most computer problems are easy to solve but more technical to understand

  4. wow, this is quite easy....i have been trying this for a long time now
    thanks so much

  5. my computer says you do not have the proper privilege to change the system time? im using windows xp with latest Google chrome version

    1. make sure you are logged in as Administrator or your account has the administrative privilege to make sensitive changes to your computer e.i. if you are logged in with a Guest account or non-administrative account, you may not be able to make changes(though it depends on the level of privilege on that account).

  6. when i had correct my pc time and date its done! thanks

    1. That was cool saves from the horror @-)


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